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Welcome to Eternal where our motto is "Family First"!

We are located on the Archosaur and Raging Tides servers of Perfect World International.  We treat our faction mates as family.  Friendly and helpful we like doing quests and fun stuff together.  We'll also be taking part in TW as our family grows.
Founded on Raging Tides by Charrletta (affectionately known as Mom) and currently lead by Sharae_ on Archosaur.

Donations for the faction on Archosaur can be made to our Bank.  Send all Donations to SharaeDaje in game.  You'll be able to keep an eye on the guild bank by looking at the bank function here.  I'll be updating it at every chance i get. 

We just Recently upgraded to a Lvl 2 Faction!  Thanks for all those who put in the hard work to allow that to happen!

(More info will be following soon).
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